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Are you looking for a business that can understand your online business needs and deliver?

Are you unsure about the ‘value’, the return on investment, that you will get from your online presence?

Do you want to add digital assets to your business? but not sure what they could be, and what value they can bring?

Bluegum Digital

Website design Brisbane

Bluegum Digital seeks to add value to business and individuals. I am passionate about adding value and embracing this digital opportunity that presents itself.

For businesses, we seek to add valuable Digital Assets, typically structured around a company website, including a strategy to add value to their clients via Website(s), social media, eBooks and Webinars. For the business website we specialise in Web Design, Web Reviews, and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).

We also cater to individuals. I am building my own portfolio of Digital Assets, and can aid you in your online wealth creation journey. You can read about how people make money online in our Article page.

There are many many ways to make money online, wether that is via online commerce such as Amazon, via Blogging, or creating their own digital products in the eBook or Webinar products. Bluegum Digital can help you make that a reality.

About David Glover (owner/manager)

David Glover
David Glover is an experienced project manager with an Engineering degree. David can help your business conceptualise and develop your digital assets.

David founded Bluegum Digital in March 2017. David saw a presentation by the eBusiness Institute of Australia, and joined the eBusiness Institute training courses, participating in the direct coaching course, and has loved being part of the group. David graduated from their WebDev (Website Development) in 2017, and has completed all their basic and intermediate training and is presently working in their advanced group.

This group enables continued learning and a network of well trained web developers with a wide range of skills. Bluegum leverages this network as well via formal and informal Joint Venture and Work agreements, plus has considerable experience in utilising online platforms to deliver the complete project for his clients and personal digital assets.

A professional Engineer [BE(Chem)Hons] and experienced project manager, David worked in the Aluminium Industry and Consulting for 20 years, predominately as a Project Manager, working at the front end of projects, their development and feasibility studies. Especially technology projects, and value adding projects. Bringing this project management and delivering expertise to Bluegum Digital ensures that business owners can be assured that their projects are being managed by an experienced manager with a track record in delivering projects.

Coaching and Training is another aspect that David brings to Bluegum Digital as well. David presents a series of webinars and live presentations to help inform and train people in the internet world. David is available to present to local business groups.

David continues to build a portfolio of revenue producing Websites, Webinars, eBooks and other Digital Assets for himself and for his valued clients. Davids daughter Matilda (12yo) has her own websites, as does his Sister, his Cousin and his best mate.

 Our Website Build Systems

liz raad
With one half of my mentors, Liz Raad, at Digital Profits Program at Brisbane in 2017

We utilise WordPress software hosted on Fastcomet. By using WordPress, a very functional website can be produced and with a number of plugins (software additions) available particular features can be added to a website. Having professional project management skills, I have developed my own system to understand the customers needs and the business owners needs. Having been involved in a number of my own business enterprises I can understand where your business presently is, and I can bring my own experiences and knowledge to the needs discussion. Having a process engineering background helps me to identify what data could be utilised by the business to help streamline the business, to expand the business, and to help make the website an asset for the business.

Bluegum Digital partners with other eBusiness institute trained people, with University degreed or studying at University staff, and can outsource the work. For example Logo designs are outsourced to my graphic designer in Melbourne, some website theme changes are outsourced to technical guys, and article writing is quality controlled checked by a retired English school teacher (yes – my ‘old’ school teacher for advanced English is a grey nomad who does my quality control on various articles!).

eBusiness Institute Digital Training and Certification

Some of our websites


Alternative therapies already had an existing website. On the initial review of the website with the business owner, it was apparent that the existing website was not meeting the needs of the business. For alternative therapies, a business website is required to authenticate the business, provide information about various services offered by the clinic, where the clinic is, and then critically to call the business to make a booking.


Initially Noels hypnotherapy services were included in the alternative therapies website as Noel works in the same building. On review of the website, and in consultation with the owners, an opportunity was discussed to create a seperate identity for the hypnotherapy business. By separating out the Hypnotherapy services conducted by Noel, we were able to generate a business asset. As Peak Hypnotherapy develops it services and grows its customer base, Noel now has a very valuable Digital Asset that he can sell with his business to a new owner as the time comes for him to retire in a few years.


Ashley Woodford is a local Jimboomba air conditioning repair man. A simple website like this, and getting his business onto Google Maps and Yelp (iPhone maps) led to phone calls within 2 weeks.


Brisbane Builders.Reviews is an example of an investment website. This particular website can be monetised via direct advertising and also via the google Adsense program.


Best way to lose weight for women

Fat loss tips is also an investment website. It is a magazine style blog that provides information to people searching for a solution to their problem or their desire. By providing information, in this case on weight loss, one can add adverts to the page, and affiliate links can be added, where if the person clicks and moves across for example to Amazon and purchases a product, say a yoga mat, then a commission is received on that sale.


Digital Assets


A website is still the centre of any digital asset for a business. The Website adds value to your business by allowing customers to find you via the internet such as Google search, Yahoo, or other search engines, allows you to add your business to the maps such s Google maps or Yelp (apple phones), and allows you to provide significant information to your existing and potential clients including email access.

When a business goes to sell, one of the items the potential buyer will be assessing is the ‘value’ of your website to the business. How many people look at your website and what they do when they are on your website will be of great interest. Companies that have an online presence, and those that have websites which does generate sales will be much more valuable than business that don’t.

Facebook Pages

A lot of small businesses do start with a facebook page for the business. The ease of setting up a Facebook page, and the perception that everyone uses Facebook, has probably led to the belief that Facebook can advertise for your business. In my articles page I wrote a blog about the potential weakness of this strategy. By itself the facebook page is very unlikely to deliver customers regularly.

Where a Facebook page for a business really does work, is when a website article is added, and that information is shared via facebook. For example, if you are a concreting business, and you just completed a great job at a site, you could post the photos and a few words on Facebook. This may be seen briefly by a few people, and then gets lost in the persons feed. However, by simply writing a blog (article) about how your business added value to the property by such a beautiful job, has a few comments on the article format he owner of the property including what a great job, they were friendly, on time, on budget, etc add the job photos, and then include a way for other people to contact you to receive the same benefit including your contact details. When this is posted to your website, it leaves long term value as a job reference, plus you can share that article to your facebook feed today, tomorrow, next week and even next year.



Online Shops

David has been involved in online selling for over 10 years. Initially David had a number of eBay stores in the area of collectables. David has also build a Shopify site for his own portfolio. For those businesses who my want to expand into offering some of their products onto an online platform, wether that be eBay, Shopify or Amazon, than Bluegum Digital can deliver.



By putting together an ebook for alternative therapies and for investment websites Bluegum Digital has been able to add value to the business and to the websites by providing assets that can be utilised as free gifts or as in the case of Alternative Therapies an asset that will be able to be sold.

Virtual Assistants

With the internet technologies enabled now, it is quite a reality to look at the integration of Virtual Assistants into your business. Even a small business and especially sole traders can utilise this technology to add value to their business.


Bluegum Digital has produced a Property Training Webinar titled ‘Divide and Conquer’, and Prosper in Proper – the ultimate guide to Realising you Property Potential.

property webinar

We are also working with Everyday Engineers to produce an associated webinar on Property Subdivision.

A Dressage Series is presently in production with a number of well known top level riders, and even a course in Photography.


Virtual Reality

A digital product that Bluegum Digital is persuing for a number of clients is in the application of Virtual Reality. For employee training enhancement, training can now be moved from traditional formats to Webinar based plus Virtual Reality training.

 How can Bluegum Digital help you?

We can help you as soon as you call me on 0458 022 400 to discuss your needs. I’ll be able to help you determine what digital assets may add value to your business, and how they could be developed as an overall business strategy. Alternatively email me at david@bluegumdigital.com  or on our contact us page