Amazon store that will change the way we shop in Australia

All the talk has been about the new Amazon store in America. Amazon has been talking about this shop for a year, and now Amazon, has opened its first no checkout convenience store, called Amazon Go, in Seattle, Washington.

Customers can enter using a phone app, then shop using their own bags, and exit the store. The technology used must be impressive behind the scenes.

According to the Amazon website, “Our check-out free shopping experience is made possible by the same types of technologies used in self driving cars: computer vision, sensor fusion, and deep learning” – so a combination of enabling technologies, some physical, some software, and a computer that can track and process all the information.

What about Australia – will Amazon Go here!

Amazon Go is an example of utilising various technologies to change the way we experience shopping – for the better….. (Photo courtesy of Amazon)

The question on the boardrooms of Westfarmers (Coles) and Woolworths must be all about where to for us?

Will Amazon sell the technology to others or will there be fast followers in the technology space that will implement the technology.

Hopefully we won’t have to wait for Amazon to build their own shop, so it looks like another retailer could start up form ground zero on this technology, provide any sort of goods, as it doesn’t have to be food space, and allow us to just duck in, grab what we need and exit without have to question up.

Considering my shopping experiences – I personally cant wait for this. I cant stand those self service centres, and I really do just want to get my stuff and go.

All in all, this technology looks like a really good example of how the enabling technologies are advancing to a point where they can be deployed into an interactive platform that will deliver huge benefits.

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