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Why have a website?

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Having a website is a way to engage with your customers when they want to engage with you.

A website can achieve many things. Some are for information, some represent your business on the world wide web stage, and others sell products and services.

The great aspect of a website is that it may be found 24/7. With the ever growing access to the internet, having a website provides the connection between their needs or interest, and your information or services.

For your business though, apart from being able to advertise to your clients, your business can actually utilise your website to get to know your customers, understand what information or services they are seeking, and generate online sales, wether that is to get the phone to ring, get an appointment made, or purchase a product that your business can then fulfil.

Business Websites

Having a website is critical for a business. When people seek a service or information, typically they reach for their phone. A quick search entry initially to ‘see’ what comes up, and then they will typically scan the top four search results, choosing one to click on.

The typical information that customers seek are;

  • What services do you specifically provide
  • Where are you, what locations do you service
  • When are you open,
  • How do they contact you
  • References / proof you are a real business.

Bluegum Digital can build your website quickly and effectively to meet your business needs.

What is Different about our Websites?

At Bluegum Digital we follow a system from start to finish to build a functional, relevant, and asset for your business. Our websites are structured to provide Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) benefits, a technical term to describe that Search Engines such as Google and Bing can find, index, and understand what your business does.

Next the Websites uses WordPress and Themes to structure the information and pictures into a cohesive structure. WordPress is powerful software that can be loaded onto our own server and hence we retain complete control over the Domain name and the Website files.

To obtain the content, Bluegum Digital has a process of obtaining the business information and can use copywriters to provide extra content in the form of Articles that provide further relevant information on the topic that the business covers. This content really adds value to the website both for SEO reasons and for your customer engagement on your Website.

The utilisation of images and video is the next differentiator. Images, including logo’s, and videos is crucial in the user experience of the website and can often be up to 80% of the reasons why people make their buying decision.

Our websites include the inclusion of your business onto the Google Maps and Apple Maps. With an increasing trend in searching directly onto the Map Apps, it is critical that your business can be located through these apps.

With the majority of customers now searching online, and typically using a hand held mobile, the ability of your business to be found online requires responsive (that mean the size changes) websites.

All up, the factors discussed provide a high user experience, provides a website that can be found on the internet, and can lead your customers directly to either your preferred contact method, or directly to your store.

Why are there so many cheap websites?

There are a considerable number of ways now to build a website. WordPress itself, has am ability to host a business website on their own hosting services. There are many providers offering that service, including Domain Name registrars and many other smaller private providers.

These low cost providers do have some downsides. Whilst they provide an online presence, this presence is quite minimal and provides only limited ability to conduct search engine optimisation, can be extremely difficult to move to another hosting, and there is limited ability to add specific software for particular functions or features your business may require. So whilst they provide a basic presence, for the long term or value addition to a business, they are still a cost and not an asset for the business.

How do our Websites Optimise SEO performance

The start of our Website build commences with a keyword research. What we want to determine are what are the search terms


Adsense versus SEO

For the cheaper websites, often the only way to increase traffic is to continually pay for it. Google for example, the biggest and most used search engine has the ability to either find and present your website via SEO, or you can pay for search terms entered to present your website at the top of the google search. You know this as on a google search is will say ‘add’ not he top 3 or 4. This is a program called Adsense, and you bid for a search term and then show up on page 1 of the google – for that particular search term entered. This means that you have to provide an Adsense budget and nominate a number of search terms entered into google.

You can achieve this over time for your website via Search Engine Optimisation. By understanding what your customers are typing into google to find you, a hosted website can be optimised with these search terms so that your business website is returned in the listings.

Another advantage for business is that Google also uses a geocentric search ability, which means that the users location can be utilised. If a customer for an air conditioning service types in a search for a service, google also presents business located via there address within 5 kilometres in the search result. By using SEO and methods that lets google know your business operating locations your business can be returned via the free section.

Whilst SEO takes time to insert and build up in google and other search engines, the medium and long term low cost solution is the application of SEO into your website. Adsense can be utilised in targeted manner than to build up the websites traffic and to capture customers that have entered a specific search term into google.


How Long Does It to Build a Website?

The process for delivering a website can around 4 weeks for the initial build an online presence. After that, a number of modifications and improvements can be made over the next six months. Typically after 6 months the business website is well known to the search engines and starts to be noticed and presented via the search function.


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