Business Digital Assets

Every business, big and especially small, can build a portfolio of Digital Assets. At Bluegum Digital, we are passionate about building and maintaining Digital Assets for a business. Why? Because it makes great sense. Anything a business does, every product is makes should add value to the business. We are also passionate about developing personal digital assets. The online world is making millionaires every day, why can’t you and your business take part in that?

What is a Digital Asset?

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Every business is seeking to produce revenue from an asset base. Digital Products can add revenue to a business and be a solid asset.

An asset is something that produces income for a business. That income must outweigh its costs for the item to be considered an asset. We believe that every business can create, develop, build and maintain a digital asset base. Some things that can be included in the options of digital assets are;

  • The businesses website
  • The businesses social media presence
  • eBooks for the business
  • Webinars for the business
  • Selling platforms for the business

Keeping in mind that this is an asset question here. At Bluegum Digital we think differently to Website makers / Digital Marketing Agencies etc.

Would you like to be asked how to;

  • identify hidden value in your business that could be sold / marketed digitally?
  • engage with your customers, adding value to their decision making process, so that you position yourself as an expert? and make that premium sale that experts in their field deserve?
  • build passive income for you business? yes – recurring income that comes into your business without you having to be there
  • to reduce your business costs to operate your business
  • to free up your time to work on your business and not in your business?

How a Digital Asset can work for you?

Every business has a reason to be there. It has to be serving customers needs? so much so that the customer will pay money to engage your business to provide a service. Goods or Service, in exchange for money.

Digital products are just like physical or service products. Often, these digital products are a fraction of the cost of the physical products. Some of the best Digital Assets are informational products. Every business has an opportunity to educate its customer via a digital medium, to sell its product. Just like placing an ad in the local newspaper, a digital product can tell your customer something about yourself.

Most people think that this digital product is obviously a website or a Facebook page. These can be, and these are costs. In your business, you must be adding these items as costs. Cost of marketing, cost of sales, it just a cost. Whilst most businesses have a website, they still do other marketing work.

What Bluegum Digital aims to do – is challenge that paradigm. Why should you accept that a website or a Facebook page is a cost of doing business. Can it become an asset? Let us show you how. Bluegum Digital is built to challenge this paradigm, and to build a Digital Asset that will replace your costs, with products that return on investment.

To discuss your business needs and build up your digital assets call David on 0458022400 or click here to send an email.