Facebook Pages for your Business has an Achilles Heal

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Reaching out to our customers or being there for its customers – Facebook can do both. But does it have an Achilles heel?

Facebook has really become all the rave. Especially in the 30 to 45 year old bracket. Let that sink in for a moment, Facebook is huge, no doubt about it. Though is its achilles heal the age bracket especially for your business?

I have a Facebook page – off course I do, its an important cog in the machinery of Digital Marketing and Customer Engagement. As a customer experience (also known as UX – user experience) Facebook often leaves me a little perplexed. On my personal wall, there are a lot of business feeds, news feeds, and occasionally I see someone I know. As I spend time online for my business and track a lot of trends and interest areas, my ‘wall’ is more like a collage of random ads and posts. I have to use the world button so I can just see which of my friends have posted. So why this rant? Well I’m wondering how effective business advertising is for my small business clients on Facebook.

A quick poll of my clients and small business networks came up with a 70% Facebook Page being there. 10% of that group actually use it weekly. On asking why they don’t use it actively and and it was a resounding ‘I have nothing interesting to post – I fix air conditioners…..”

Stepping back for a second, I realise that Facebook is a great tool for catching up with long lost friends, my family, my school parents (I use it to put names to faces…….). I rarely search for anything on it, and I rarely scroll down my Wall (all the feeds provided by Facebook according to my browsing behaviour) because if I scroll – there goes 15 minutes of my life I’ll never get back. I hear others telling me its where they go for entertainment and thats its got great cat videos. Never I have heard its where people go to get there air con fixed, unless its a post that says to their friends ‘uuurrrgg my AC is down, who can fix it?’ post. If your lucky you will get a few recommendations and a list.

The question has entered my mind though, has its popularity (in a particular age bracket) become an achilles heal now that not only are there hundreds of people in your friend list, you now have 1000’s (yes I think it is 10*) wanting to advertise to you. ¬†Under the weight of that advertising, will we turn away to another medium? Now that we have found our long lost friends, our families and our digital tribes, would we migrate to another platform?

Time will tell, change is inevitable as it always is.

How Facebook can work for your business

The great thing about Facebook is its dual mode of marketing. You can push out to your customers, to your potential customers and pretty much anyone in the world. That is powerful – imagine you are a real estate agent, and you are selling a great investment like a block of three units. Your potential customer is a high salary employee. You can get into Facebook, seek out groups that are likely to be high salary people, and push an ad to them. Awesome+!

On the other hand, if I’m seeking a house to buy, guess what, I can ask my network on Facebook who dis a good real estate agent, and I bet in comes a few names, perhaps linked so I can pop them a message. Easy.

By utilising one business page we can Push and be Pulled to and by our customers. Thats powerful and thats why Facebook business pages are a necessary cog in your Digital Marketing strategy. Remember though cogs need to be turned and they need to be oiled. Build your sales machine and get the cogs turning.

As always, have fun,