How does a Website add Value to Your Business

Have you ever noticed that whenever we require a service, the first thing we do now is grab our mobile phone, and type “my need” into the search. Sometimes we add a little more detail, but not often.

Secondly, we quickly scan the results and click on one or two of the listings presented.

Thirdly – we take an action – usually we call the business and say ‘can you solve my problem’.

Three click process – probable solution.web renovation help


Another way is as a reference check. You hear about the business, and you ‘check it out’ online, quickly assessing its appearance and forming an assessment of wether or not it may help you out.


Both ways, instant customer relationship value has been achieved, and real intrinsic value is ready to be delivered by your business.

Does this translate into Saleable Value or the Inherent Value of your Company – Yes. Could you include a premium into your sale price for a great website – YES.

By increasing market presence, your business is growing. Websites are a low cost way to reach your customers and prospective customers. You can use your website to keep existing customers engaged ongoing.

I was reading about Kogan in the Financial Review on the weekend, and It reminded me of how powerful their website is – because of its data. Amazon must be on a whole new level. Even though these companies don’t have physical shopfronts, businesses can use their websites data to further understand their customers and to seek efficient ways of reaching new customers. Instead of ‘let your fingers do the walking’ its now ‘let the data do the talking’. What is your data telling you?

Have fun,