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I recently purchased a website with the purpose of hands on learning for renovating an Adsense revenue producing website. Part of my business is to produce a number of income producing websites for my own portfolio. This activity in turn actually helps me widen my online skills and helps my business customers.

For those who wonder how website make money, there are a few main ways including; advertising, ebooks, affiliate marketing, digital products such as webinars.

Where I went wrong

Well I brought a website with 120 articles that I hadn’t looked at pre purchase, and “discovered” 120 scalped articles. Yep – plagiarised articles. Whilst this is bad, in fact, very bad, its easily fixed. The website itself has some great ideas, an acceptable logo, an acceptable domain name, and its real job was to be my teacher. Nothing is ever as bad as you first fear.

Can I go from horrendous to champion?

Back to my Project Management, Footy, my Coaching & Army Reserve Days

First things first – stop and assess. Yes I was on the right battlefield, and yes I had tools at my disposal, but best of all I had my Vision written down in ‘the Plan’.

Whilst everyone seems to think that planning is old school, personally I love it. Creating a plan, stress testing it, looking at Risks and Opportunities, especially opportunities, and then working the plan is a tried and tested pathway to achieving.

For this website, the niche is a common one. Whilst I am no expert in this field, I do have some experience to bring to bear. I have a philosophy in my Coaching, and its simple – first with the head (knowledge, understanding, information, data), then get emotional, then Physically realise your goals. Whilst crying might help a purchaser feel better, I’m more of a get fired up type of guy. When your going out onto the footy field don’t go out friendly, but go out determined, passionate for your jersey, and prepared to go 10% more for your mates.

For this site, I immediately trashed out 40 of the non relevant articles. Get off the bus so to speak if you can’t add value to my sites purpose and direction.

Then, with 80 very poor articles, time to split. Create value by now having 2 websites? Double trouble? or Eating an elephant by breaking it down in manageable pieces – yes Project Management 101. Split their defence, double down the effort on half the ‘problem’, make it manageable makes it achievable.

focus on the right tasks first takes a clear and communicable vision – the plan.

Resourcing my manageable problem child

Next activity in ‘the Plan’, was to focus on one website and fix 40 articles. Now were talking an achievable goal. Engaging a content writer to help me ‘attack’ these articles, and get them into meaningful content took a few weeks, completely trashing a few more articles, and reducing the others as inspiration for meaningful content. Then creating new articles flowed easy as we could see our gaps.

Constant evaluation of the situation was required, as each shot was fired and my ammunition was being depleted, each shot became more valuable in the fight to rebuild the site within budget.

Where to now?

As ‘the Plan” says, time to pause and do nothing for a month. Its hard not to be doing something all the time.

Yes this website has been my “teacher”. Every experience teaches us something, and for me its been to value my planning. To quote Covey, Measure Twice, Cut Once.

First with the Mind, then the Heart, then the Physical will be.

Onto the other half of the articles in another domain name. Take my learnings from the first one, and build that into an asset.

Will I ever get my money back? is it an investment?. I don’t know yet. Will ┬áit will meet my forecasts, time will tell. You have to be in the game to play, and play to win.


Can you own a Website?

Owning digital asserts like websites is a real opportunity for all of us. Not all websites are business websites. There are websites that provide reviews and information of products and then provides a gateway for you to purchase the products. Some are websites with lots of information, like a newspaper and they have advertisers on them.

If you would like to look at owning some websites but don’t know where to start then contact David here or call 0458022400

Have fun, retake your time,