Ongoing Website Assistance

Bluegum Digital can maintain your website.

We understand Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), security, backups, plug-in controls, WordPress, effective and cost efficient hosting services.

Ongoing maintenance of a website is important to keep to date with security upgrades, provide backups, and to keep the website ‘fresh’. As your business evolves and morphed to meet your customers needs, then your website can also evolve to actively reflect where your business is, and what it can do for your customers.


For ongoing assistance, there are three levels of support;

Level 1 –  Level 2 –  Level 3
24/7 security of your website Level 1 PLUS Level 2 PLUS
Weekly back-ups Performance reports Keywords
Software updates Google analytics, WP manage Content creation at 6 articles per month, press releases, video’s etc
Fix broken links Social media support plus feedback Citation listings
Monitor comments and links to your site Improvement suggestions
Email support 2 articles per month added
$195 / month (so approx $45 per week) $395 / month (approx ($95 per week) From $895 / month.









How To Get An Effective Digital Marketing Presence

Its takes more than one element to get an effective online presence via Digital Marketing.

As well as physical marketing (car signage, office signs, corporate clothing, business cards), a business now also requires a Website, a Social Media Presence (minimum Facebook page), preferably an email list in an Autoresponder (like Aweber), a presence on Google Maps, Yelp, and possibly a YouTube Channel.

Your website is the central piece in this puzzle, and co-ordinates all the other players, much like a senior manager of a company. Getting existing clients and prospective customers off social media, on onto your Website and preferably even onto your emailing list means that you can keep in touch with your customers as you need to and when appropriate.