Website Costs and Options

Website Package Costs for Business

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Bluegum Digital has three packages you can choose from. Costing from just $20 per month you can get your business out there on the net.

We offer great packages that should suit most businesses and organisations. Bluegum Digital can provide a flexible approach where a start-up business could have their own basic package site up for just $1500, plus a low monthly maintenance fee.

This package allows a startup business to have a website promoting their business 24 hours, 7 days a week, to a worldwide audience. Compare this to newspaper ad rates of approx $160 for 6 weeks, for 4 to 6 lines, in a paper once a week, right next to all their competitors.

Have your own website built that lets you get your point of difference across to your customers every minute of every day.

Off course we just don’t offer start-up websites. We offer Digital Assets. At Bluegum Digital, we don’t believe that your online presence should be seen as a marketing cost, we believe it should be planned to be a suite of Digital Assets. Not all aspects of the plan need, nor should, be rolled out at once. It takes time and effort to produce a great plan, the data behind the plan, and rollout time.

Digital Assets

We believe that every business can build Digital Assets. By that I do mean a Digital Product suite that produces revenue, that outweigh their costs. Instead of looking at a Website of a Social Media Page as a cost (i.e. Marketing budget),

Our Package Options

To make your decision easier, we can suit our packages to your needs. Here are our three packages;

  • Basic Package
  • Smart Package
  • Digital Asset Package

Basic Package

If you just require a web presence, we can provide a basic webpage from $1500 plus $40/month maintenance.

This will provide your Domain Name, Web hosting, and Six Pages. These six pages are your landing page (home page) that includes your Business Name, logo displayed, Your Phone Number, Address, and three key business services. Adding an About Us page and a Contact Us Page rounds out the site. Your site will be backed up regularly.

This style of website will lets your customers find you, and be able to call you easily. Suitable to a small business, or to someone wanting who has a great idea for a blog type website and wants to get started.

A basic eCommerce store, on a platform such as Shopify, can also fall into this category, if you just want to load less than 10 products to test the market.

Smart Package

The Smart Package will provide your website that looks great, is functional, and lets you engage with your customers in a great way.

The Smart Package cost from $2,800 plus min $50/mth maintenance requirements. This is the basic package with the Articles page (also known as blog page), with four initial articles loaded on the site. This feature adds a tremendous boost to the sites ranking in search engines, and provides a basic level of engagement with your customers. Significant work is done with he site graphics and considerable effort is put into the Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). To be found on the internet, it is this work that is required to place your website where your customers can find you. This package includes getting your business onto the map searches, like google maps and apple map application.

Adding articles each month then provides updates to your website and increase your search engine optimisation (SEO) actions.

On top of this engaging with an Adwords strategy can also boost your exposure by paying be on the front page on selected search terms. This is a cost plus service.

The next level of Business Engagement

Do you really want to engage with your customers?

Do you want a tribe?

Do you prefer to invest a dollar and get a return?

Do you know how to track your customers behaviour with your business?

As the internet evolves, and more social media channels evolve, customer engagement is changing. Franky, having a single website, or having a single Facebook page, just isbn effective enough principally due to all the ‘noise’. Combined with the fact there is still the traditional media, plus email, plus websites, plus social media channels – and that is just not Facebook, how do you engage in the current environment?

One solution, is to embrace the technology, create your engagement plan, and seek opportunities to avoid the effort to be a cost, and aim to create Digital Assets for your company.

Digital Assets Package

Bluegum Digital can help you identify the options you and your business have to develop Digital Assets for you. This planning is critical to scope up the project, its costs, and its expected return. Just like a business plan for the business.

to discuss your Digital Assets call David 0458022400

Already have a Website?

For those of you that already have a website, have you ever considered wether it is still meeting your needs?

Renovation Package

Already have an existing site…..does it work? Websites designed more than 3 years ago, can get technologically challenged. Renovating a site can be a very cost effective way of optimising your website.

to discuss any of these packages call David on 0458022400

Website Design Costs

Would you like to discuss your needs? Are you data driven, sales focused?, need to provide information? there are so many options when deciding on a website options to meet tour needs. To discuss website costs, send a message or call David.

How long does it take to Build a Website?

It takes a couple of days to make a basic website. Having photo’s and logo’s ready speeds this up, and having a clear idea of what your business does, what it Value Proposition is, and what your Unique Selling Point is critical in achieving a well designed and optimised website that will rank in the search engine results.

If you are a business, and have your business name register, obtaining your www.”your business” may be available. As much as you have the right to obtain that domain name, if it has been taken and ‘parked’ it may take longer to obtain the domain name. If its available, then the domain name is purchased, and that domain is added to a hosting account.

The hosting account can be one for your business, or it can be added to one of mine, depending on the package. On one of your hosting accounts, you can personalise your email to for example. A great thing about this is you can create email for your family members that are on your own server account.

Once the domain name points to your server account, WordPress software can be added and then a beautiful well structured website meeting your needs can be developed. Plug-ins are used here to customise your websites giving them functionality.

Once the text and photos are added, plus the really critical information like Name, Address and Phone number is added, your customers then get to find you. The process of being ‘seen’ on search engines can take a few weeks, and you can get added to the Map programs for both Apple and Microsoft. Social Media if required can then be added to your strategy of engaging with your customers.

Website Maintenance Costs

Maintaining a website is a requirement often overlooked. The tasks that are involved in website maintenance are things such as backing up the website, updating the software, and ensuring security measures are in place.

If you are a data driven business owner, then website maintenance also involves understanding where you customers are landing in your webpage, and then how they behave once there. If you want the phone to ring, then you need to ensure your potential customers land on a page that encourages them clearly to call you.

Website maintenance fees start at $50 per month for a typical site that needs an hours attention to the basics.

For those of you who follow the data and want to really drive results and measure those results, the maintenance fees are proportional to the time required to analyse and report.

To discuss your needs, website options and website costs, and your potential website maintenance requirements, call David.