Website Renovation

Do you need your business to look fresh and active?, Do you prefer your clients and customers to see your business in the best possible light? Then consider that your website may be their first impression of your business – and every now and then every website needs a freshen up.

When is it time to Renovate Your Business Website?

website builder Brisbane Having an up to date website is a priority for an effective business. First impressions count, and for some customers, your website may be their first ever contact with your business, at best it is their first ever direct contact with your business.

Websites can collect a lot of data about the people viewing them. It is this data, just like accounting data, that you can use for your business. Obtaining, and analysing your website data, can immediately indicate to you, whether you should change your website, and by that I don’t mean your overall website, but change the things in your website that attracts your customers, retains your customers, and gives your customers a great user experience.




Website Renovation Case Study

In February 2017, Ross from QLD Compliance Services requested a review of his website and has been gracious enough to allow me to share his journey with you. The initial scope was to review the site and propose some improvements.


If you would like a review of your website, then contact David on 0458022400 or email me


Facebook and/or Website?

Recently it seems that Facebook has become a must have for a business’ presence on the web. This holds some truth, as just as customers check your website, they also check Facebook, either purposely or something may show up in their feed. Whilst Facebook posting by others can’t be controlled, all businesses need to be aware, and to have a Facebook presence.


Bluegum Digital can conduct a free review of your website for you.

Making sure your current website and any social media strategy you have been testing is meeting your needs is a must for any business that wants to;

  • Maximise its customer ‘goodwill’
  • Create or reinforce brand recognition, and
  • Engage with your customers and direct them to your business services.


We recommend to our business customers utilising a Facebook page with their Website together for the most effective return on investment.



The Website Renovation Process

website renovationIf your current website has google analytics, and already includes Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), then the review starts by a review of the targeted keywords, and then a review of each keywords effectiveness and performance on the web.

Using this data more keywords can be targeted in a strategic approach, and perhaps an Adwords strategy where you pay google based on entered keywords into a search function and having your website as one of the three advertisers on the top of the page.




But if you don’t have SEO or google analytics………..

For those who needed to start a website and get going, then renovating a website depends on a lot of factors. From the domain ownership, to the type of hosting, to the software supporting the website, and even to the photos themselves.

Depending on what the business now needs, a conversation can be had to discuss the gap between the existing and the required, plus a discussion on where the website strategy and overall digital strategy could enhance the business,

The only way to know is to conduct a review of the current status, define the business needs and future needs and then to compare against the present state. To get started in the process simply click here to email Bluegum Digital or give David a call on 0458022400.