What does a Business Website Need to Achieve?

The BIG Three

#1 Call Me

web optimisationYes # 1 is call me……….without that call how else can you connect with them and get their business.

How many sites have you used, where it seems impossible to find the phone number? Phone numbers need to be prominent, and they need to work. Pressing on the phone number should automatically get the mobile phone to call the number.




#2 Where am I

Where are you?, what locations do you service? web renovation help

Maps are a great way to graphically show customers where you are. Street Address and Parking also need to be addressed (pardon the Pun)


#3 – Hours – When are you open? When can you be contacted?

Customers don’t always expect you bricks and mortar business to be open on Saturday afternoon. However, getting a lead on Saturday afternoon when you have a free day on Wednesday, may just be the difference from having a quiet Wednesday golf round, to gaining a whole new customer. Solve their need, leave a way for them to leave you a message, and maybe gain a lifetime customer. At least you know where your business competition are going to be Wednesday arvo………


Have fun…..Dave