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Business Digital Assets

Every business, big and especially small, can build a portfolio of Digital Assets. At Bluegum Digital, we are passionate about building and maintaining Digital Assets for a business. Why? Because it makes great sense. Anything a business does, every product

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Build a Website for You

If you need a website built for your business, from a basic site through to a more complicated site, then contact David to discuss your needs.

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Website Renovation

First impressions are important, and for some customers, your website may be their first ever contact with your business.

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Ongoing Website Assistance

Ongoing maintenance to keep up to date with security upgrades, provide backups, and to keep the website ‘fresh’.

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Do you have a passion that you could share with the world? Webinars are a great way to help the world. You can reach out to everyone connected and share your knowledge and unique skillsets to change their life.  

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website designer near me

Website Costs and Options

Websites costs vary depending on the user experience required and the business data needs.

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Why Choose Bluegum Digital?

eBusiness Institute Digital Training and Certification

Bluegum Digital can help your business or organisation to have a functional, well designed, useful website.

For those who want to grow their business, reduce their costs, and build their Digital Assets into their Business Service or Business Product than Bluegum Digital is here for you. We can work alongside you to grow your business and personal income, reduce your business costs and improve your business resilience in this every changing marketplace.

How will business cope with Amazon Australia? How will your business cope with Social Media? Who are your customers and what are their needs?

To discuss your needs, you just need to contact David.

Digital Engineer IT

eBusiness Institute Digital Training and CertificationYes – I’m an Engineer and proud of it. I completed my Bachelor Engineer whilst working part-time for BHP Engineering. I was taught by some of the best project managers in Australia and I’ve worked in over 10countries in the World.

You can benefit from that. Yes – you get a proven, technically competent, experienced Engineer and Project Manager for your business needs.

On top of that I have studied Advanced University studies in Business and was even a guest lecturer for the University of New South Wales in Technology.

Plus, a graduate of the advanced Champions course in the eBusiness Institute, and personally coached by one of the co-founders. A life long learner, an avid reader, a technology nut, and I love my sport!

If thats enough – I’m a serial entrepreneur myself – having three businesses now from about 7 attempts! (and I’m still married). I know what its like to start a business, I know how hard it is to build customers and clients, I have walked the walk, and I understand the systems and I can help you with your business.

Our Recent Clients


Hey Dave, Yes mate I totally agree (on the google numbers), need to catch up and do the fb page thing on my mobile, might be easier. I am def getting these (phone) calls too, I keep asking new calls and they are saying they just googled me!! Perfect !

Ashley Woodford - Axis Aircon

Dave really helped look at my business and where it can go to. Great website for me. Appreciated his help.

Noel Stevens